Physical Therapy

Have pain that is limiting your ability to perform your daily tasks or exercise? Hurt yourself during a workout? Getting ready to return to working out but coming off an old injury? Are you trying to find the bridge between rehabilitation and sports performance? This 1 on 1 evaluation will include a comprehensive health history interview followed by a hands on physical evaluation and treatment. During this session, together we will be determining the cause of issue, outcome and the plan of care, to maximize your recovery.

$200 for 60 minutes

Follow Up Sessions $200 for 60 minutes

Not your typical physical therapy session where you do the same mundane exercises over and over again. Every client receives a custom program that will consist of mobilization techniques, corrective exercises, manual therapy, Rock Tape, and much more. Get ready to come in and work. Take an active part in your own rehabilitation plan. You will get the entire hour with Dr. Mak.

Performance Training

Is your limited mobility, strength, or movement capacity preventing you from reaching the next step in your fitness? Are you looking to compete in CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, or races? The start of any performance training plan will include a movement assessment, health history and goal assessment to establish an actionable plan to help you improve in your lifts, run faster times, play harder, or even help you get back into shape in the most effective way possible. Sessions will include a proper warm up, mobility, skill work and sports/activity specific conditioning.  These sessions are done privately.


$200 per 60 minute session

Are you interested in Group Fitness Training?  Check out my new gym Hudson River Fitness, located at 1320 Adams Street in Hoboken .

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Remote Coaching

Interested in working with a Doctor and coach, but unable to do so because of limited budget, time, or location?  After an initial interview and movement assessment, an individualized actionable plan will be created to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals.  An open line of communication is the key to success, as it is important to make real time tweaks to the program for optimal results.

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