“What should I expect on my first visit?”

The first visit is a full physical therapy evaluation that starts off with a comprehensive medical history evaluation, assessment of movement, and treatment. This is a time where you and the therapist will get to know each other and figure out the best route of treatment to get you to your goals.

“How should I be dressed?”

Wear what you would normally wear in your activity of choice. The session will most likely involve a lot of movement, so nonrestrictive, comfortable clothing will access to the body parts that need to be addressed.


“Why should I choose a cash based practice while I can go see a physical therapist that is in network and can be covered by my insurance?”

  • There are many benefits to working with a therapist in a cash based clinic which are listed below:
  • No need to wait for insurance companies to “authorize” a certain amount of visits.
  • No limits of therapy set by the insurance company.
  • Being out of network allows me to work with you privately.  Results can be found quickly because my attention will only be dedicated to helping you reach your goals.
  • I find that my treatment philosophy helps people get back to their activities faster than traditional physical therapy or other methods.  

“Do I need to see a physician before I seek out the services for physical therapy?”

In the state of New Jersey, physical therapists are granted Direct Access. This means that a client would not require an assessment from a physician before receiving physical therapy. During the initial evaluation, the therapist will determine whether or not the specific case is within the scope of the physical therapist’s practice.

However, if you have had a major injury or are in severe acute pain, I may suggest that you visit your doctor or even the ER.

“How often will I need to come for treatment?”

Each session is 60 minutes. Each treatment and performance plan is different based on multiple factors including age, severity of injury, level of activity and others. However, with the implementation of the right treatment techniques, home exercise program and education recovery rates can be swifter than usual.